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  • Amplification with POWERSOFT 4HC stage + Digital Sound Processor (DSP).
  • ACUSTICA BEYMA speakers with neodymium motor, latest model.
    • 2 x Coaxial Speaker 12CXA400ND 12 inch (300mm). Unitary power: 400 + 90W.
    • 1 x 15LEX1000ND 15 Inch Subwoofer Speaker. Power limited to 750 W.
  • Custom electronic acoustic tuning on each unit manufactured.
  • Admissible installed power: 1,730 W.
  • Real Frequency Range: 25 - 20,000 hz.
  • Sensitivity: 1W / 1m.



    • 3-channel mixer (2 mono and 1 stereo).
      • Channel 1 (Mono):
        • For microphones or electronic musical instruments with mono output.
        • Lo Cut 80Hz filter.
      • Channel 2 (Mono):
        • For microphones or electronic musical instruments with mono output.
        • Guitar indicator function.
        • Lo Cut 80Hz filter.
      • Channel 3 (Stereo) For keyboards, synths and other musical instruments with balanced L and R output, as well as DJ systems, and other stereo devices.
    • Treble sound frequency equalization, cut off at 12kHz.
    • Equalization of frequencies of bass sounds, cut at 80Hz.
    • Independent L and R balance for each channel.
    • Sound effects selector with general and independent volume for each channel (chorus, reberb, delay, room, hall, plate, bypass, flage).
    • Independent volume on each channel.
    • Headphone output volume.
    • General volume of the Piano Sound System.



      •  Power switches:
        • Instruments: Power to musical instruments (Plugs located in the Connector Panel - customizable types).
        • Mixer: Left Control Panel Power.
        • Speakers: Sound stage power supply.
      • Lighting switches.
        • Piano: LED lighting in a space reserved for the placement of the keyboard and other elements to be connected.
        • Logo: Antu Antek side logo decorative lighting.
      • Custom laser writting:
        • Model name.
        • Manufacturing date.
        • Serial number.



      • NEUTRIK connectors.
        • Gold-plated XLR connections.
        • Metal body (customizable in black or white)
        • Protected with a rubber frame (customizable in white, black, blue, red, green or yellow).
      • Channel 1 (Mono):
        • 1 x (input - XLR female)
        • 1 x (input - Jack 6.5mm with automatic disconnection).
      • Channel 2 (Mono):
        • 1 x (input - XLR female)
        • 1 x (input - Jack 6.5mm with automatic disconnection).
      • Channel 3 (Stereo):
        • 1 x (input - XLR female - L)
        • 1 x (input - XLR female - R)
      • + 48V Phantom switch to power condenser microphones.
      • USB connection to PC, mobile phone or MP3.
      • Sockets (Schuko or customizable plug) for connected equipment:
        • 2 x Plug (Shuko). 220V power supply.
      • Other connections:
        • Left Control Panel (Mixer):
          • Auxiliary connection to connect auxiliary reproduction devices such as mp3, mobile phone, computer or tablet (input - 3.5mm stereo female mini jack).
        • Right Control Panel:
          • Headphone output (output - 6.5mm stereo jack).
        • Side Connections:
          • Balanced line output: 2 x (output - male XLR).
          • Power Imput: IEC male 10A 50 / 60Hz 220V.
          • General current switch.
          • Fuse box 2 units of 10A.
          • Register box for Electronic and Audio components.


      • Set of 3 Sustain / Soft electronic touch pedals with half damper function.
      • Cable with GFP-3 connector. (Specify type of connector if your keyboard requires a different one).



      • High quality English brass hinges.
      • Solid brass rear wheel with brake and rubber protection for rear leg.
      • Front bearings aligned on front leg plate.
      • Laser cut metalwork:
        • ANTU ANTEK logos, made of polished English brass.
        • Leg reinforcement plates, made of gold lacquered iron.
        • Speaker perimeter, made of Iron lined with 24k Gold leaf and a layer of protective varnish.
        • Mixer and Control Pannel are made of lacquered iron and screen-printed according to the model.



      • Free space available to customize your creative musical universe in your Piano Sound System by placing inside a stage piano, keyboard set, PC or DJ systems.
      • Patch Panel is located at the bottom of this compartment.
      • Dimensions of the free interior space of the series model:
        • Length: 140cm
        • Depth: 43 cm
        • Height: 21 cm.

      *To adapt your keyboard to different measurements, specify the designer.


        •  Lenght: 220 cm
        • Width: 149 cm
        • Height: 101 cm. 


        •  220 Kg.




        • Body and acoustic box made of DMF Wood with PEFC ES13 / 14610 environmental certificate, birch, beech and fir. Pure woods as beech, birch and spruce.
        • Interior insulation of the acoustic box made with recycled polyurethane foam chipboard - eco.
        • Natural sheep wool felt.
        • Metals: Iron, Brass. Laser cut pieces and brass wire.
        • Halogen-free electrical and electronic wiring.
        • Oxygen-free acoustic wiring.
        • Ecological paint free of odors and heavy metals.
        • Decorations with 1.5mm crystalline silicon spheres fixed with ultraviolet light drying glue.
          • Handcrafted and unique Vitrals assembly for each model.
          • Personalized details on request.
          • Color tones according to the chosen model.
          • Brass perimeter to increase the field of magnetic action.
          • Locations: Silicon Stained Glass located in the front lectern, customized for each client. Horizontal Silicon Lines on Front Console. Subwoofer rear speaker perimeter.




        ANTU ANTEK will begin the exclusive and artisanal production of its THE SECRET OF IBIZA model and will end within 90 days from the acceptance and payment of the order.

        1. After you have chosen your model and made the payment, you will receive a confirmation email and we will contact you by phone.
        2. The designer will personally confirm receipt of your order to begin manufacturing.
        3. During these days of exclusive production, handicraft activities of carpentry-cabinetmaking, painting, metalwork and fitting of fittings, electronics, installation and acoustic adjustment of the sound system will be carried out.
        4. 15 days before concluding its manufacture, we will contact you again to set a transport and assembly date.
        5. 90 days after making the payment, your THE SECRET OF IBIZA model will be ready to send to the address you provide.




        We will take care of everything. From the transport, assembly and start-up in the place that you indicate with a master class to know the control of all its functions and its maintenance.

        In addition, shipping is free for the entire peninsular territory in Spain and Portugal.

        For shipments to islands and International, consult us for shipping prices.

        We have a team of professionals to transport our creations.

        Upon receipt of your model, you will also receive:

        • Cable set to connect your instruments and other auxiliary systems.
        • Instruction book.
        • Case with a set of brushes and velvet cloths for the maintenance of your model.
        • An exclusive memorandum signed by the designer author with photos of its manufacturing process.

        To request more information or a catalog about these products, you can write an email with your questions and contact information to

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